FXX’s animated anthology series, Cake, is a unique little gem of a series, showing off different comedy and animation styles through short-form videos.

Ahead of season five, FXX brought in Portland, Ore.-based studio Impactist to design equally delightful and absurd main titles, bumps and other motion graphics, featuring cake in weird and wonderful forms.

“Kindly asked by FX to package season 5 of their anthology series Cake, we thought of all the ways you get cake in your body,” Impactist wrote on its blog. “You don’t just watch it with your cry-balls, but you absorb it through your sound lobes, your feets, your dainty digits, your beaks, and your teefies. Like a forced feeding of unique content you innocently pretend not to want, this Cake is getting in.

“Building out these ideas into physical realities resulted in a series of automated constructions we termed ‘Mechanicakes.’ We built numerous body parts to interact with novel cake shapes in distinct fashion. Lifecasts were duplicated from silicon molds, hand sculpted appendages made from foam, and two part epoxy wonders were chemically brought into existence and combined with simple mechanized workings to loop actions over and over.”

Impactist doesn’t just make motion graphics, they also create music, which they did for this piece. The below video shows how the agency’s Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing turned sounds created from common objects into a unique soundtrack they titled “Waterlanding.”

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Client: FX Networks

Production: Impactist

Director/Designer: Kelly Meador, Daniel Elwing

Music: “Waterlanding” by Impactist

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