Leading up to PromaxBDA’s Promo Boot Camp, we are taking a look at the speakers, sessions and panels that make the event memorable. Kathy Dailey, strategic creative consultant and executive coach at Dailey & Company, speaks about her upcoming session, her career and her advice to industry up-and-comers. Don’t miss Dailey’s session at this year’s Promo Boot Camp: “Get Sticky! Work this Conference like a PRO!”

Name: Kathy Dailey

Title: Strategic Creative Consultant & Executive Coach, Dailey & Company

Can you summarize your session in 5 words? AUTHENTIC. ENERGIZED. PASSIONATE. SURPRISINGLY STICKY.

What other speaker are you most interested in seeing at PromaxBDA: The Conference this year? I’m always interested in what Piers Morgan has to say – especially the way he says it. That British accent really makes him seem so much smarter than the rest of us!

How do you watch television content? I love experiencing TV shows on either my television or my computer. I can’t imagine watching great programs like “Game of Thrones” or “Mad Men” on something as small as my iPhone!

How do you stay inspired? For me, creativity creates inspiration. It sounds simple because it is. And you can find creativity almost anywhere. In a painting that takes you far away or a book that brings it home. What’s your fantasy location? One of mine was Macchu Picchu – so I got on a plane and experienced the fantasy. Stay open to discovering what moves your soul and then make it part of your life.

What is your greatest creative achievement so far? As a strategic consultant I have been instrumental in helping a few branding/marketing companies work through some difficult professional and personal situations. Whether it was helping them win a new account or giving them the tools to determine a new course of action – working as a consultant can be very gratifying. But I’m most proud of the fact that I took the step to expand my knowledge by becoming a certified Integral Coach. Coaching is still in its infancy, but it’s fast becoming recognized as a valuable key to improved performance in all areas of our lives. My goal is to help people have a healthy and successful relationship with the work they do and the lives they lead.

How did you get your start in this industry? I was working at Center Stage Advertising (the LA in-house agency of theater impresario Jimmy Nederlander) producing a spot for the upcoming season. A guy from an adjoining edit bay told me about a freelance position at KCBS-TV. I went for an interview and had to write and produce a :30 spot for that evening’s newscast. I had never been in a TV station before and I was totally intimidated! But I made it through the test, got hired, and was eventually promoted to creative services manager at the station.

And for more information for Promo Boot Camp 2013, June 18-20 in Los Angeles, check back at promaxbda.org. Speakers and sessions are being constantly updated.


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