Leading up to this year’s Station Summit, we are taking a look at the speakers, sessions and panels that make the event memorable. Graeme Newell, president of 602 Communications, speaks about his upcoming session, his career and his advice to industry up-and-comers. Don’t miss Newell’s session at this year’s Summit: “Breakout News Brands: The Secrets of Hyper-Local Promotion.”

Name: Graeme Newell

Title: President of 602 Communications

Could you summarize your session in 5 words? Best Practices: Building Hyper-Local Brands.

What other speaker are you most interested in seeing at Station Summit this year? Rick Lewchuk and Cory Bergman. Two very smart and creative guys.

How do you watch television content? I’m watching more and more mobile these days. It’s just so convenient to have it with you everywhere you go. I find I’m getting more and more intolerant of commercial interruptions.

What do you think is the most important trait of a leader? The ability to inspire. The manager who impresses me most is the one with a clear goal and a staff that will follow her into the fire. She is not just a leader, but a coach.

What is your greatest career achievement so far? All the international speaking I get to do. It has been wonderful to see that my emotional marketing strategies bridge cultural differences so smoothly. Powerful marketing motivators like security, adventure, hope, etc., are universal.

What one piece of advice would you give to an up-and-comer in this industry? Pick an emerging niche and become a prolific writer and blogger. Most people lack the discipline to publish consistently. If you can develop a regular habit of creating content every week, the industry will beat a path to your door.

How did you get your start in this industry? I did more than 75 interviews before I got my first job in TV. I traveled from town to town, sleeping in my car, and showing my incredibly bad tape to anyone who would watch. Finally someone took mercy upon me and gave me a job, probably just to shut me up.

And for more information on Station Summit, June 25-28 in Las Vegas, check back at promaxbda.org. Speakers and sessions are being constantly updated.


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