For the past four years, Western-themed network INSP has highlighted iconic Western star John Wayne with its “Duke Days of Summer” programming event. This year, the network decided to try the campaign a little earlier to see if it could capitalize on its popularity and expose the network to new viewers.

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The two spots below focus on two features of Wayne’s movies. The first, “Legends,” showcases all of the Hollywood greats—such as Kirk Dougas, Rock Hudson, Maureen O’Hara and Jimmy Stewart—who co-starred with Wayne over the years. The second, “Greatest,” reminds viewers of all of Wayne’s classic films, including The Undefeated, The Quiet Man, McClintock!, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Hondo, Rio Lobo and more.

To highlight the event, INSP took clips from the movies and combined them with modern music and eye-catching graphics.




Producer/Editor (“Greatest”): Bill Mazzola

Motion Designer: Jamie Beckwith

Motion Designer: Ben Henry

Audio Mixer: Dan Luna

Finishing Editor: Bryce Hoover

Associate Producer: Jessica Owoc-McClelland

Motion Design Manager: Demetre Gionis

Director, Creative Operations: Scott Craven

VP, Creative Design: Zach Chambers

VP, Creative Promotion: Peter Overland

EVP, Marketing: Hayes Tauber

Agency (“Legends”): Open Road

Tags: insp john wayne open road

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