Western-themed streaming network INSP returns to “The Duke Days of Summer” for the fourth year in a row, with a marathon of eight movies featuring John Wayne. The above mash-up culls a few key moments from many.

“Creatively, we felt the only person tough enough, and qualified enough to effectively sell ‘The Duke’ is ‘The Duke’ himself. So, with a custom graphics package, and a score full of western swagger, our team culled through the eight featured movies that would be a part of this year’s campaign to find clips that could have the western legend promote himself,” said INSP in an email.

“The Duke Days of Summer” runs throughout July on INSP.


Client: INSP

Producer/Editor: Jonathan Shuping

VP, Creative Promotion: Peter Overland

Motion Designer: Mason Adams

VP, Creative Services: Zach Chambers

SVP, Creative Promotion & Production: Jim Goss

EVP, Marketing: Hayes Tauber

Tags: hot spots insp

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