Wanda Sykes and Ike Barinholtz, who star alongside Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn in the movie “Snatched” teamed up with Investigation Discovery for an integrated brand spot offering viewers advice on how to not get abducted while on vacation.

Some “ID-infused travel wisdom that just might save your life” includes suggestions based on the film such as “it’s better to drink alone than with a kidnaper … I mean stranger;” to “never leave the resort;” and “if you do get snatched … run!.”

The minute-long spot, “Travel Tips” was a custom content shoot on a green screen, which was co-written by Melissa Quinn McVey and John Davidson and directed by John. The 3D set was designed, edited, and mixed by the creative team at Magic Feather Inc. It was agency’s first shoot with a RED Epic-W at full raw 8K resolution, giving them complete flexibility in post for close-ups or wide shots all from a single camera.



Magic Feather Inc.


Eliza Booth, Vice President, Branded Entertainment, Investigation Discovery, Destination America and American Heroes Channel

Melissa Quinn McVey, Supervising Producer, Branded Entertainment, Investigation Discovery

Jaycen Armstrong, Production Manager, Investigation Discovery

Writer | Producer | Director

John Davidson, President & Creative Director, Magic Feather Inc.

Director of Photography

Greg Kendrick


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