Iron Chef, which ran for 13 seasons on the Food Network, is back and bigger than ever in Netflix’s reboot, Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.

To give the show’s return an epic feel, Studio City, Calif.-based The Shop cut a fast-paced trailer that revealed the return of Mark “The Chairman” Dacascos (what does The Chairman actually do in this show, anyway?) as well as the addition of Top Chef winner and Fast Foodies star Kristen Kish as host. Kish joins Food Network stalwart Alton Brown, who returns as the franchise’s main emcee. The Shop also made sure the original show’s signature sound effects, and particularly the slashing sound of knives sharpening, were in place.

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Foodie fans with sharp eyes will spy Top Chef favorites Jeremy Ford (winner, Top Chef: California and Kish’s co-host on Fast Foodies) and Gregory Gourdet (finalist, Top Chef seasons 12 and 17) frantically cooking in a reimagined Kitchen Stadium, but Netflix has yet to officially announce the five competitors who will take on the challenge.

The season’s most successful challenger will return for the grand finale and the chance to be named “Iron Legend.”

Netflix also has released key art for the series, shown below:

Key art for Netflix's 'Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.'
Key art for Netflix’s ‘Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.’

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend consists of eight 45-minute episodes premiering June 15 on Netflix.


Client: Netflix

Agency: The Shop

President: Jordan Hayman

Producer: Halie Marks

Chief Creative Officer: Nick Shakarian

Editor: Chris Ninness

Graphics Designer: Mariah Burns

Netflix Creative Team: Andrea Aaraujo, Andreina Poveda

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