The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang travels to Ireland in season 15 of FXX’s long-running comedy, and per usual, New York City-based creative agency Block + Tackle was on hand to create a new series identity for the upcoming season.

“Everyone’s got that herd mentality these days, hunkered down in our tribes, modeling behavior on whatever’s trendy at the moment…without thinking,” Block + Tackle wrote on its website about the campaign. “In the record-breaking 15th season of Sunny, the gang is just as outrageous and debauched than ever, only now it’s post-2020 (read: ballot tampering, Covid, QAnon, Giuliani) and they’re in Ireland (cue bartending monkeys, haunted castles, corpses, and sheep…lots of sheep).

“We had a laugh crafting a bold, over-the-top sheeple graphic identity that leans into all things Irish.”

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Client: FXX

Agency: Block + Tackle

Tags: block & tackle fxx it's always sunny in philadelphia

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