​As season two of Westworld comes to a close—with the season finale airing on Sunday, June 24—HBO closes out the last episode with a “face-melter of a cut,” according to associate creative director Badger Denehy.

Much of the season’s promo was cut by female preditors. Here are the trailers for episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9:

Episode 6: “What Do You See In There?” Sarah Yuro

Episode 7: “Open Your Eyes,” Norell Abernathy

Episode 8: “The Past Is Calling,” Sarah Yuro

Episode 9: “One True Thing,” Badger Denehy


Network: HBO

Associate Creative Director: Badger Denehy

Preditors: Sara Yuro, Norell Abernathy

[Images courtesy of HBO/John P. Johnson]

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