The bots will “roll into the cage to rumble and rage” in Discovery’s revival of BattleBots.

Set to premiere May 11 on Discovery and May 16 on Science Channel, the show originally aired on Comedy Central from 2000 - 2002, and was then revived on ABC for two seasons in 2015 - 2016, with encore episodes airing on Science Channel last summer.

Much like a mechanical boxing match, the two robots compete in a three-minute round inside an enclosed arena with the goal of destroying or disabling their opponent. Discovery’s revival will bring some favorite bots, including 2016 champion Tombstone, along with Minotaur, Chomp, Witch Doctor, Bronco, Bombshell, Bite Force and Yeti.

Chris Rose and Kenny Florian will also return as judges, declaring the winner if there’s no knockout during the battle. Also returning is Faruq Tauheed as the ring announcer. Jessica Chobot is the sideline reporter.

The show is from original BattleBots franchise creators Ed Roski and Greg Munson of Whalerock Industries, with executive producers Lloyd Braun, Chris Cowan, Edward P. Roski (Trey), Greg Munson, Tom Gutteridge and Aaron Catling. Wyatt Channell will executive produce for Discovery and Science Channel.


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