NBA MVP and Houston Rockets star James Harden is just hanging out, perusing well-read magazine Modern Beard, when all of a sudden, Tom Cruise appears and orders him to jump.

“Open your chute when the system says, not before and definitely not after or the last thing that goes through your mind will be your kneecaps,” Cruise orders the confused Harden in this branded integration by Stun for Cruise’s new film, Mission: Impossible Fallout, that’s airing on ESPN.

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In times of extreme stress, Harden has his most important asset on his mind: “Is my beard going to be ok?” he wonders, just before jumping.

Mission: Impossible opens in theaters on Friday, July 27.


Client: ESPN CreativeWorks

Production Company: Stun

Visual Effects: Stun

For ESPN CreativeWorks:

Senior Creative Director, ESPN CreativeWorks: Jay Marrotte

Creative Director, ESPN CreativeWorks: Paul Meehan

Associate Creative Director, ESPN CreativeWorks: Genta Nakahara

Writer, ESPN CreativeWorks: Kevin Sullivan

Senior Director, ESPN CreativeWorks Strategy: Brian C. Price

Associate Director, ESPN CreativeWorks Strategy: Joe Knaus

Manager, ESPN CreativeWorks Strategy: Denise Thrasher

Associate Director, ESPN CreativeWorks Production: Matt Cheron

Associate Producer, ESPN CreativeWorks Production: Michael Prado

Production Coordinator, ESPN CreativeWorks Production: Courtney Budenholzer

Director, ESPN Talent Production: Lisa Stokes

Studio: Paramount Pictures

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