Miami-based 2C Creative pumps up the return of CNBC’s Jay Leno’s Garage with this clips-baed spot accompanied by Dick Dale & the Del Tones’ title track from Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

The spot also is jam-packed with celebrity appearances, including Tim Allen, Kevin Hart, Billy Joel, Charlie Sheen, Keith Urban and more.

The idea to license the track came from 2C writer and producer Cheryl King. Tarantino feels particularly relevant right now with his Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood currently doing big box office. Once the licensing was accomplished, the team sorted through episodes to find the most bad-ass vehicles and quippy celebrity moments.

To drive home the concept, 2C also went big with titles, putting a unique spin on the CNBC graphics package with brand neons and text designed to trigger a feeling of constant motion and action.

Jay Leno’s Garage—featuring the many, many cars in the former late-night host’s custom-built garage—returns to CNBC on Aug. 28 for season five.


Client: CNBC

SVP, Marketing, CNBC: Tom Clendenin

VP Global Creative, CNBC: Victoria Todis

Sr. Art Director, Global Creative, CNBC: Julie George

Director, Creative Services, CNBC Primetime: C.J. Harris

VP, Marketing, CNBC Primetime: Steve J. Smith

Sr. Marketing Manager, CNBC Primetime: Katherine Guirales

Agency: 2C Creative

President/Owner: Chris Sloan

Executive Producer/Design: Bob Cobb

Creative Director & Writer/Producer: Cheryl King

Graphic Designer/Animator: Jessica Musumeci

Video Editor: Jeff Morelli

Audio: Cesar Haliwa

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