Comedian Jordan Klepper is back on Comedy Central with a new show, but it’s not in the same fashion that fans have gotten used to. The late-night alum is abandoning his desk for the front lines of American activism in his new self-titled docuseries, premiering May 9.

Klepper follows the comedian as he explores the country and learns about various social and economic issues, including Native American visibility, veteran deportation, pipeline protestors and more. The new series comes after his previous Comedy Central series, The Opposition, was cancelled after one season.

Although Klepper will be tackling some important subjects, it won’t be as serious as it seems. Naturally, the comedian will infuse his self-deprecating wit and “way-harder-than-I-thought reality checks,” according to the network. Viewers will see him capsizing boats in the Bayou, wrestling with veterans, and even getting arrested in Georgia.

“As I learned from middle school basketball, you only experience so much from the sidelines,” Klepper said in a statement. “Riding shotgun with America’s resistors, contrarians and dreamers, I saw firsthand our country’s fighting spirit. Affecting real change, left or right, is way harder than clicking the donate button. That being said, donate if you can, poster board doesn’t grow on trees.”

Going beyond what’s televised, Klepper will continue the conversation with a filmed podcast, allowing subject-matter experts and series producers to discuss what happened behind the scenes and how their perspectives changed as a result.

The series is executive produced by Klepper, Trevor Noah, Stuart Miller, Kim Gamble and Kirsten Ames. Sarah Babineau, Ari Pearce and Michael Stanger are executives in charge for Comedy Central.

The show’s first episode, which spotlights veterans who use wrestling to cope with PTSD, premieres May 9 on Comedy Central.

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