Julia Trainor has been promoted to head of sync A&R at Los Angeles-based music and sound effects provider Alibi Music. In this role, she will work with Alibi’s roster of artists to get their music featured in various pieces of visual content, such as TV shows, movies and shorts.

Trainor, who joined the company last year, will retain her duties as music supervisor as she also pursues this new role.

“Being a passive music library is not a successful option in this competitive marketplace; you have to actively make every song and piece of music matter,” Trainor said in a statement. “Alibi wanted to expand this effort by having my role establish a more dynamic production flow that will ultimately impact our success. I’m proud to be a part of this team, and look forward to giving Alibi a definitive edge in the marketplace by working closely with our artists to maximize their creativity as it relates to sync usability.”

“Julia has been helping us with A&R unofficially for a while, and now Alibi is excited to formalize that successful effort and will be using her leadership to help build the most relevant and top-notch music and SFX library on the planet,” said Kent Carter, Alibi’s vice president, strategic initiatives, also in a statement.

Since joining Alibi, Trainor has brought on unsigned artists such as L Rucus, DJ Spryte and DJ Saber to add new music to Alibi’s library of offerings. She also worked with Carter on Alibi’s sound-effects album, “Intense Rises,” which includes all sorts of sounds that build, such as stop/start rise, cardiac arrest rise, alarm rise, train rise and so forth.

“Look, creating memorable music may be the sexiest part of our business, but I have to admit I am a bit of a SFX geek,” Trainor said.

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