Disney kicked off its first television campaign for its three-platform streaming bundle of DIsney+, Hulu and ESPN+ in the above spot, titled “Rolling.”

The spot, which got an assist from Los Angeles-based creative agency Roger, uses the metaphor of several color-coded trains rolling across multiple tracks, much like the different platforms of Disney. Each track represents a different brand color, with Disney blue, Hulu green and ESPN gold.

Each track also highlights a different type of content, from Disney+’s family-friendly fare, Hulu’s more adult orientation and ESPN+’s sports, which are sorely missed right now.

“These are tough times, and we really just want to be a source of comfort, and we want to be there for people,” Andy Baker, VP, creative marketing, Disney+ and Promax board member, told Adweek. “For this, it’s a matter of saying, ‘Hey, here’s all of this great content that’s here for you,’ and we just want people to know that it’s there and it’s at their fingertips.”

The spot started airing on broadcast and cable networks this month, with shorter versions cut down for social and digital, and will continue to air throughout May.

The bundle of all three platforms costs users $12.99 a month.

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VP, Creative Marketing, Disney+: Andy Baker

VP, Executive Creative Director, Hulu: Brandon Pierce

VP, Live and Licensed Marketing, Hulu: Michael Schneider

VP Marketing, ESPN+: Claisian Phillips

Director, Campaign Strategy, Disney+: Angie Poston

Director, Franchise Management, Disney+: Lisa Neglia

Sr. Team Lead, Live & Licensed Marketing, Hulu: Rosalind Pressman

Brand Marketing, ESPN+: Nicholas Pulito

Agency: Roger

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