Sometimes the difference between becoming a basketball star or becoming an inmate is as simple as one big mistake.

In the film, Q Ball, Golden State Warriors star and NBA MVP Kevin Durant and a team of executive producers explore what those mistakes have meant for the men of San Quentin State Prison. There, some are serving life sentences for murder and others are in for something less, and many are passing some of that endless time by playing a little basketball.

“Some of the toughest, meanest guys on the yard, you know, they’ll tell you, ‘I’m never going to a self-help group, but I’ll play some basketball with you,’” says one convict.

The San Quentin Warriors—not to be confused with Durant’s NBA champion Golden State Warriors—get together once a week with a group of men who come in from the outside to play some pick-up ball.

“Once a week, men from the outside, free men, come into the prison to play basketball with convicts. It’s amazing,” says the convict.

The result has been some rehabilitation and redemption for the men of San Quentin, and that’s what the film, the latest in Fox Sports’ ongoing Magnify series, explores.

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Q Ball premieres on Fox Sports 1 on May 28.


Written and Directed by: Michael Tolajian

Produced by: Rebekah Fergusson, Jordan deBree, Michael Tolajian

Executive Produced by: Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman, Jordan deBree, Jamie Patricof, Katie McNeill, Charlie Dixon, Eric Shanks, Mark Silverman, Michael Tolajian

Director of Photography: James Niebuhr

Music: Joel Goodman

Editor: Michael Long

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