California-based creative agency Laundry applies some fun effects to make the most of this promo for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, which aired July 9 on Fox Sports.


Client: Fox Sports

Design and Animation Company: Laundry

Executive Creative Directors: PJ Richardson & Tony Liu

Creative Director: Reza Rasoli

Executive Producer: James Sweigert

Head of Production: Matt Primm

Senior Producer: Meredith Panicara

Production Assistants: Stephanie Alvarez, Kelly Barnhardt

Editors: Justin Freedman, Lin Wilde, Josh Sneider, Michael Leary & Graham Rich

Mix / SFX: Devin Hoffman

Designers: Chris Murray, Freda Lau, Yongmin Park, Sijia Huang & Kenny Routt

Animators: Samantha Maurer, Yongmin Park, Teppei Maki, Stephanie Simpson, Daniel Miller, Shervin Etaat, Michelleanne Grepo

Tags: fox sports hot spots laundry mlb

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