The adorable and multi-talented marmots of French public broadcaster French 3 are back in time to compete in multiple sports ahead of the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

In these spots, produced by France 3 frequent creative partners Dream On and VFX shop Light, the marmots try their paws at pole-vaulting, shot put, cycling and skateboarding with varying degrees of success.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics, which will be held without spectators due to the coronavirus, starts on July 23 and runs through August 6.

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Shot put


Client: France 3

Agency: Dream On

Creative/Direction: Fabrice Gueneau, Ivan Grangeon

Production: Ulyssia Marchais, Fabrice Gueneau

Animation: Light

Creative Director: Antoine Moulineau

VFX Supervisor: Harry Bardak

Executive Producer: Guillaume Raffi

Creature Supervisor: Duc Nguyen

Compositing Supervisor: Oliver Johnstone

Consulting CG Supervisor: Raphael Bot-Gartner

Rigging Supervisor: Cyril Gibaud

Asset Supervisor: Tom Bryant

Animation Supervisor: Florian Landouzy, Brendan Body

Lead Lighting TD: Marie Fichet

Lighting TD: Éloise Bouvarel, Florian Longuet

Creature FX TD: Yann Landry

Pipeline/Crowd TD: Jacques Fautrad

Groom Artist: Chloé Roberts

Assets: Steve Bell, Daniel Conner, Alex Pavlovic, Loz McLaughlin, Thomas Goldsworthy, Craig Reid

Rigging: Eléonore Epiney, Guillaume Vezzoli, Mickaël Garcia

Animator: Thibaut Gouilloux, Leo Recoche, Sydney Padua

Compositor: Chloé Chaucheprat, Tomasz Liksza, Mathilde Vejrich, Thomas Ruiz

Production: Scott Taylor, Lucy Teire

Finishing: Nightshift

Flame Artist: Yves Delforge

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