As streaming continues to change the landscape of entertainment, many experts believe that it has a clear advantage over linear and broadcast TV.

But not Charlie Mawer.

In fact, the executive creative director for Red Bee Creative will challenge this notion during his session, “The Future of TV Branding,” at the 2019 Promax Conference in downtown Los Angeles.

“Streaming services still have a lot to learn from broadcast marketing,” Mawer said. “And broadcasting marketers and creatives can learn from streaming, which is everybody’s future.”

With so many recent trends and changes, there’s somewhat of panic around the future of television consumption. However, there’s an overarching advantage that linear TV has over streaming: its history.

“We should be really confident because we’re not going to throw away everything that we’ve learned as an industry,” Mawer said. “All those skills are going to be very transferable. We just need to find new ways of communicating them.”

And there are a few elements that streamers haven’t excelled at, says Mawer—navigation, user experience, and the ability to accurately curate content for audiences.

“I’m going to suggest that data and algorithms aren’t everything. There are benefits of what we’ve all learned over the last 70 years about building brands and navigating people around our portfolios,” Mawer said.

And it’s that veteran knowledge that gives linear TV marketers the upper hand—but only if they shift their mindset and see themselves as “a gateway to somewhere else rather than a destination in their own right,” he says.

To no surprise, there are also some logistical matters at hand. As technology—such as voice recognition software—becomes more popular, marketers and content creators should be more mindful of things like the names of brands and show titles. Mawer uses Netflix’s You as an example.

'You' key art. [Netflix/Lifetime]
‘You’ key art. [Netflix]

“You think, ‘Is that the letter or a word?’ These are things we’ve never had to think about when we’re coming out with names before,” he said.

Although streaming’s driving forces—like technology, download speeds and big data—can sometimes be helpful, it’s traditional TV’s ability to keep things simple, yet creative, that allows them to develop relevant content for their audiences.

“Brand marketing and creativity need to play a bigger role, and that is the concept of consumer insight: how people find and enjoy content.”

Mawer will detail the lessons that streaming and traditional brands can learn from each other during the Tuesday Deep Dives at the 2019 Promax Conference.

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