You don’t have to be a superhero to find fun, swagger and power in your everyday life.

That’s the premise of Marvel’s new campaign, which aims to grow the awareness, connection and shared sense of empowerment between fans and the mega brand as it continues to expand its content and product offerings.

Marvel tapped Emmy award-winning creative brand agency, Loyalkaspar, for the campaign’s creative strategy and visuals. The New York-based agency took inspiration from Marvel’s dedicated fan base—particularly with the releases of Black Panther and Captain America—to tackle the project.

“Marvel’s brand isn’t about telling you to change to become something you aren’t,” Anna Minkkinen, executive creative director, Loyalkaspar, said in a statement. “Rather it’s recognizing that you already have power—you just need to tap into it, and by interacting with a brand like Marvel, you can find this elevated confidence that propels you.“

The end result features “real-life Marvel fans turning everyday scenarios into opportunities to be bold, brave, and fun,” the company says. The agency partnered with Superprime director Ben Quinn for filming and casting of its live-action spots, including the one below.

“When you look at any trailer for a Marvel property, you get these shots of the talent running, flying, walking towards the camera with this determined look,” Minkkinen said. “In the Marvel universe, that walk is often not some stiff march, it’s a swagger. It‘s powerful and fun and full of personality. We loved the idea of pairing characters from the Marvel universe moving toward camera with everyday people who love the brand—giving them that same swagger.”

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Additional creative by Loyalkaspar, including static images from the spot, will be featured in out-of-home advertisements, including Hulu and a Times Square billboard. The ultimate goal is to give new and existing fans a new entry point to the brand, Minkkinen explained.

“I‘m a big believer in the power of simplicity, and I love how the concept of our on-air creative is such a clear and simple expression of a shared feeling. We successfully captured the vibe of the brand, and our call to action ‘Find Your Power’ is timely with the kind of creative coming out of Marvel. It speaks so well for this brand and how it makes you feel.”

The campaign comes as Marvel prepares to launch two new series on Disney+, WandaVision, which has been moved up from a 2021 release, and The Falcon and Winter Soldier, which is currently slated for fall. The streamer made the announcement in early January as part of its programming lineup for 2020.

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