New York-based global sonic branding company Man Made Music has rebranded to Made Music Studio. The change is intended to reflect the company’s commitment to anti-racism and to addressing systemic racism in the music, entertainment and advertising industries.

“We changed our name because we had to,” said Joel Beckerman, founder and lead composer of Made Music Studio. “What we saw in the mirror didn’t reflect who we wanted to be and wasn’t in sync with our values. We couldn’t just add some kind of initiative or a program and move on—we realized we had to completely transform our company from the inside out. We’ve taken exciting first steps, but we have a long way to go. This work requires an ongoing commitment and we are fully committed.”

As a result of the change, the company dropped the word “man” from its name and made more prominent the use of a slash in its logo. The slash is a symbolic representation of inclusion, which is frequently used in pronouns.

As part of its work moving towards these goals, Made Music Studio has introduced several progressive policies and released an anti-racism manifesto. The company, which is 70% women-led, has created an ongoing partnership with Decolonize Design, an organization led and founded by Aida Mariam Davis that works to bring diversity, equity and inclusion to the workplace.

In addition, Made Music Studios is implementing a blind hiring process that removes names and education from resumes and instead values non-traditional education and experience; is committing to working with at least 30% of music creators and collaborators from underrepresented groups; is instituting equal and transparent pay, increased demo fees and the instatement of finalist fees for all writers; and committing to 13% Black representation in leadership positions by 2023.

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