When it came to marketing NBCUniversal’s upcoming The Kelly Clarkson Show—starring the American Idol, Voice judge and all-around pop star—the starting point was clear: it was Clarkson herself.

“The goal of the campaign is to distinguish the show in the daytime space,” said Betsy Bergman, senior vice president, marketing and brand strategy, NBCUniversal. “People know and love Kelly from so many different elements of her career, such as The Voice, the Billboard Music Awards, American Idol and her whole career as a pop star.”

“Our job is to make sure they know her in a whole new way in the daytime space and to capture how fun and funny she is. The show is a mixture of humor and heart and we want to convey that.”

To do that, NBCUniversal brought in Los Angeles-based creative agency Stun, which has plenty of experience showcasing talent in funny spots.

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“Basically, it all comes from Kelly,” said Mark Feldstein, co-principal at Stun. “She’s got such an amazing personality. She’s so authentic, popular and talented but she’s also so self-deprecating. She’s very real and grounded. She doesn’t want to come across like ‘I’m an international rock star.’ She really thinks of herself as one of us.”

It’s that realness that NBCU and Stun wanted to capture, especially that relatability is important when it comes to reaching the daytime audience.

“We wanted to come up with ideas for her that we were really fun and took advantage of her great sense of humor. We wanted the spots to feel authentic, not forced,” said Feldstein. Sometimes syndication feels cookie cutter. We didn’t want to do that and our client didn’t want to do that. We wanted to showcase Kelly being awesome and fun and real. People will tune in because they love Kelly Clarkson.”

The above spot is a fun remix of Clarkson telling the story of how she ended up with her own show, while the two spots below, which premiered this spring, draw from her experience on other TV appearances.

The Kelly Clarkson Show premieres Monday, Sept. 9, on TV stations across the country.

​Kelly Takes A New Stage

Kelly Takes Her Buzzing Duties A Little Too Far


Client: NBCUniversal

Agency: Stun

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