Twenty-four year old Marnie constantly has bad—read: obscene— thoughts streaming through her mind and she’s terrified to tell anyone.

After imagining her parents engrossed in an orgy at their 25th wedding anniversary party, Marnie finds herself at a breaking point. She packs a bag and, with no plan, jumps on a bus to London. In the capital, Marnie soon discovers she’s not the only one who’s lost. She also learns that she actually has an excruciating form of obsessive-compulsive disorder – nicknamed “pure O” – where her obsessions take the form of intrusive sexual thoughts, and the compulsions are unseen mental rituals that deeply affect her daily life.

Charly Clive stars in this Channel 4 production, which is executive produced by Drama Republic’s Roanna Benn.

All six episodes of Pure debut on HBO Max on August 27.

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