The brilliance of diamonds dazzles, hiding the dark truth of the diamond trade in Hidden Assets, a Belgian, Canadian and Irish co-production developed by Peter McKenna. The series is airing on RTÉ One in Ireland and on streaming service Acorn in the U.K.

These opening credits, designed by Mémoire Liquide and Christian Langlois, evokes both the shadowy side of the diamond business and the tumultous life its purveyors lead.


Broadcaster: RTÉ One and partners AMC Acorn UK

Clients: Saffron Moon, Potemkino, Facet 4

Executive Producers: Kathryn Lennon, Siobhan Bourke, Saffron Moon, Anne Sue Greenberg, Facet 4

Showrunner, Writer: Peter McKenna

Series Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan, Kadir Ferati Balci

Post-Production Producer: Melany Bourgouin

Production: Mémoire Liquide

Creative Director: Christian Langlois

Director: Christian Langlois

Color Grading, Motion Design: Jan Verburg, Caviar & Pixels

Art Director and Graphics Doctor: Christian Langlois, Mémoire Liquide

Computer Artist, Motion Designer: Jan Verburg, Caviar & Pixels

Music Composer: Michel Corriveau

Tags: acorn hidden assets hot spots main titles memoire liquide rte one

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