As a teenager, Menno Fokma became interested in skateboarding videos, which grew into an interest in the oft-connected world of music videos. He took these passions and his considerable artistic talent to Dutch creative studio Onesize, where he interned briefly before getting hired on as a staffer. He also started working on his first freelance gigs, realizing quickly that working extra hours and weekends to bring his creative visions to life while juggling a full-time job was an artistically and physically exhausting enterprise. So Fokma split from Onesize and set out on his own.

“I didn’t want to work for a boss,” Fokma said. “And I [had] a lot of ideas that I wanted to work on. When you have to do it on your own, you must push yourself, and that isn’t happening when you’re safely inside a full-time job. It’s not evolving.”

Just three years later, with clients including Heineken and MTV World Design Studio under his belt, Fokma has made a name for himself by pushing creative boundaries, exploring new ways of visualization and using motion graphics as a gateway to strong storytelling.


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