Marketers trying to reach the coveted Millennial demographic need to focus on delivery on demand and for free, since this is a generation that wants their content when they want it, and on their own terms.

That was the message Tuersday at a panel on “The View From The Top: The State of the Video/TV/Movie Business” at the Digital Entertainment World Conference in Los Angeles.

“When it comes to Millennials, it’s not just about target audiences, it’s about target moments,” said Jennifer Price, head of media and entertainment at Twitter. “They’re the ones determining when they want to see it an on what device.

Price said that entertainment brands were among the first to embrace the platform, and have realized its potential for driving on-air to off and off-air to on air.

Maker Studios COO Courtney Holt said that Twitter and other social platforms have become the drivers for content discovery. Peer-to-peer conversation is what’s pushing people to discover new titles.

“Twitter is a key part of our marketing strategy. We don’t buy media, so the way we get the word out is entirely through earned media opportunities,” Holt said. “Leveraging our brands thru Twitter is a big part of how we market content.”

Warner Bros. Entertainment Chief Digital Officer Thomas Gewecke said that the studio is adapting to the Millennial mindset by experimenting with the narrative form.

“We’ve created content that played in multiple durations and multiple lengths, and is designed to be played in multiple orders,” he said. “The nature of the new platforms really imposes no boundaries.”

Brief Take: Millennial viewers are all about “now.” They want content now. They want it free. And they want to be able to blog it, Tweet it, and GIF it.


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