This :60 spot for MotorTrend Plus’ Motor MythBusters captures the personalities of series hosts Tory Bellici, Faye Hadley and Bisi Ezerioha as they work together to bust motor-based myths as well as blow up as many cars as possible. Every episode of the series is now available on MotorTrend Plus to stream.


Client/In-House Team: Discovery’s MotorTrend

Creative Director: Chris Surette

VP of Marketing Strategy: Nicole Canizales

Director of Video Creative: Tom von Heijne

Director of Marketing Strategy: Judd Lewis

Marketing Manager: Michelle Tran

Producer/Editor: Cary Sachs

Brand Director: Ti Tong

Art Director: Nancy Vasquez

Sr. Designer: Jeffrey Dokken

Audio Engineer: Andrew Eppig, Clean Cuts

Tags: hot spots motortrend motortrend plus

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