Anything goes in this bright and dynamic animated spot for MTV Brazil’s Summer 2021, whether that’s pairing boomboxes with toucans or underwear hanging on a line, jellyfish with exploding popsicles and a skate-boarding hip-hop pit bull, or a scuba-diving octopus emerging from a cosmic swimming pool.

It’s all pronouncing summer 2021 a summer of fun, even if no one knows how the rest of this year is going to play out.

São Paulo, Brazil-based animation house Consulado provided the trippy animation and sound track.

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Client: MTV

Production: Consulado

Director: Tomas Gurgel

Executive Director: Luciana Pessoa

Art Direction: Issao Nakabashi

Art: Issao Nakabashi, Gabriel Pieri, Leonardo Marcondes

Art Assistant: Diego Oliveira

Executive Production/Coordination: Mauricio de Andrade

Producer: Bárbara Betiolo

Storyboard: Issao Nakabashi

Motion: Digo Nascimento, Marina Naomi Kubota

Sound: Sonic Culture “Space Race”

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