Ahead of the season-two premiere of Showtime’s hit series Yellowjackets, the network turned to Legion Creative to help it take viewers back to the ‘90s and everybody’s favorite MTV deejay, Kurt Loder.

Legion Creative deployed AI deepfake/de-aging technology to create a classic MTV News segment straight out of 1996, complete with MTV News graphic package elements, VHS-retro distressing, and some select Yellowjackets Easter eggs for the super fans.

Present-day Loder was shot in New York on greenscreen for maximum authenticity, even teasing era-appropriate stories about mad cow disease and Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill” Tour. But first Loder tosses to the “Where are the Yellowjackets” website, designed with a mid-90s web aesthetic to draw fans deeper into the Yellowjackets cross-platform experience.

Yellowjackets premiered its second season on Showtime on Sunday, March 26.


Client: Showtime

SVP, Executive Creative Director: Garrett Wagner

VP, Creative Director: Rachele Honner

VP, Creative Director, 360 Design: Maral Mofrad

Senior Creative Director: Laura Kane

Senior Creative Director, Design: Heidi Berg

Editorial Director: Tracey Crooks

Associate Creative Director: Ryan Cantorna

Senior Writer/Producer: Eric Jaugey

Associate Producer: Jonathan Hazin

PAs: Johenfy Duran, Zahri Jackson

Director, Campaign Management: Alexa Garfinkel

Campaign Manager: Caroline Jordan

Director, AV Production: Jennifer Garelick

Snr Manager, AV Production: Hailey DePreta

Sound Engineers: Bill Lacey, Chandra Bulucon

Lead Graphics Producer: Rosanne Raposo

Colorist: Mark Auleta

Agency: Legion Creative

EVP Creative, Director: Steve Isaacs

EVP Creative, Accounts: Kimberly Leass

EVP Strategy: Howie Kaplan

Editor: Christian White

Sr. Producer: Diana R. Horowitz

VFX: John James, Joel Lava

Designer: David Lazaro

De-aging by Kaleida/TSRC

Producer: Daniel Reynolds

Lead Synthetic Artist: Théophile Davidsen

Compositor: Alex Brodi

Voice conversion services: Respeecher

Lead Synthetic Speech Artist: Bogdan Belyaev

Tags: hot spots kaleida legion creative mtv showtime yellowjackets

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