Netflix’s season two featurette for Narcos recounts drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s explosive death scene filmed steps away from the real-life location where the drug lord was actually killed.

“We wanted to make it intense and disturbing,” says director Andres Baiz in the two minute short, describing how their choice of filming in the place Escobar died gave a greater sense of urgency and authenticity to the series.

Narcos follows the true-to-life tales of the most notorious drug cartels of the late 1980s and the probative efforts by law enforcement to face them head on in gruesome battles.

“This season is very much about the physical and emotional collapse of Pablo Escobar,” says executive producer Eric Newman in the featurette, between clips of the ill-fated kingpin (Wagner Moura) who is on the run, with Colombian officials hot on the his tracks—ultimately leading to his death.

There is a gut-wrenching moment in the featurette where Pablo’s mother runs to her son’s body.

Although Moura has said he will not return to Narcos, Netflix has renewed the series for two more seasons.

Season 1 and 2 of Narcos are streaming on Netflix.


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