MotorTrend’s docuseries, NASCAR 2020 Under Pressure, captures all the challenges of the season that just took place during this tumultuous year.

Discovery’s motor-focused streaming service partnered with Silver Spring, Md.-based creative agency AlterEgo to turn some of the series’ exclusive footage into a high-drama spot promoting the series, now streaming on MotorTrend.

“2020 was filled with its challenges for the world, and producing quality content was not immune to those challenges,” said Hunter LeMoine, MotorTrend producer, in a statement. “[AlterEgo] came with fresh eyes and an eagerness to tell the unbelievable story that the sport and its drivers had to offer.”

The creative intentionally maximized exclusive access to drivers and races, while keeping viewers on the edge of their seat. Montages backed by engaging sound design were paired with text cards to keep the momentum going throughout the spot. With desaturated textures and backgrounds that gradually bring color back into each frame, the slow, steady effort of NASCAR’s return comes to life while reinforcing the grit and determination of those committed to win.

“It’s a product I think we all can mark as a victory for 2020,” said LeMoine.


Client: MotorTrend

Head of Marketing: Kristene Turner

Director of Marketing Strategy: Nicole Canizales

Marketing Manager, Strategy: Jamie Kim

Creative Director: Tom von Heijne

Senior Writer/Producer: Hunter LeMoine

Associate Producer: Cole Kerrigan

Art Director: Nancy Bell

Art Director: Anand Gahlot

Motion Graphics Designer: Paul Walsleben

Production Manager: Camille Moore

Project Manager: Sheena Carter

Creative Agency: AlterEgo

VP/Head of Production: Monesha Lever

Creative Director: Heather Roymans

Writer/Producer: Megan Gygax

Senior Editor: Nate Hoeft

Senior Designer/Animator: Jason Leta

Sound Design/Mix: Tyler Proctor

Tags: alterego hot spots motortrend nascar

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