National Geographic’s exquisite nature photography is showcased in Disney Plus’ trailer for upcoming natural history series, America the Beautiful, narrated by actor and producer Michael B. Jordan and set to the patriotic song that lends its title.

The series takes viewers on a journey across North America to experience both its diverse landscapes and creatures with a goal to inspire audiences to protect them. Using cinema-grade cameras mounted on fast-flying fighter jets, the series escorts viewers through remote locations to reveal the continent’s unique ecosystems and how they shape each other. The aerial system also captured extreme weather, including supercells and tornadoes from close range. To offset the environmental cost of production, National Geographic purchased carbon credits from projects that reduce emissions, benefit communities and support biodiversity.

On the flip side, Nat Geo turned to remote and gyro-stabilized cameras to capture the series’ many creatures, including grizzly bears, moose, elk, buffalo, mountain lions, bald eagles, whales, dolphins and many more. The team also worked with native peoples—such as the Chippewa Cree of Montana’s Rocky Boy Reservation and the Gwich’in people of Alaska—to capture local conservation efforts on film.

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The series is accompanied by a soundtrack composed by Joseph Trapanese and featuring performances from Ojibwe powwow singer Joe Rainey Sr.; native drum maker and singer Dylan Jennings (Bizhikiins-Young Buffalo); Italian-Korean-American violinist Lucia Micarelli; Black- American bluesman Leonard “Lowdown” Brown; Los Angeles-based multiethnic vocal ensemble Tonality, led by Black American conductor Alexander Blake; and more. Drummer and supporting vocalist, Bon Iver’s S. Carey, co-wrote and produced the album’s theme music alongside Trapanese.

The six-episode series premieres Monday, July 4 on Disney Plus.

Key art for Nat Geo's 'America the Beautiful' on Disney Plus, premiering July 4.
Key art for Nat Geo’s ‘America the Beautiful’ on Disney Plus, premiering July 4.

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