In this spot for National Geographic’s upcoming documentary film, Inside North Korea’s Dynasty, New York-based creative agency Bigstar cast ghostly newsreel video on CGI-created bronze statues of North Korea’s dynastic leadership, including current President Kim Jong-un, his father, Kim Jon-il, and his grandfather Kim Il-sung.

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“It’s simply impossible to understand Kim Jong-un and predict his actions, without putting that in the context of his father. Basically, [it’s a] family-run dictatorship,” says one commentator in the voiceover.

The documentary airs Sunday, November 11, at 9/8 c.


Network: National Geographic Channel

Writer/Producer: David Numbers

Creative Director: Tyler Korba

Sr. Motion Designer: Matt Jenkins

EVP, Creative: Chris Spencer

Agency: Bigstar

Creative Director: Josh Norton

Executive Producer: Carson Hood

Producer: Virgil Conklin

Sound Design/Mix: Grahame Davies, Jay Olszewski, Burleigh Seaver

Tags: bigstar hot spots national geographic

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