While there are a lucky few in this world who are professional Explorers, National Geographic knows there’s also an explorer in everyone.

The above brand spot emphasizes some of the channel’s key virtues—curiosity, exploration, wonder—and encourages viewers to take all of that a little bit further, as the channel’s tagline recommends.

It’s all captured with Nat Geo’s typically beautiful photography reminding viewers that there’s a big world out there—they just need to go discover it.


Network: National Geographic

CMO: Jill Cress

EVP Creative: Chris Spencer

EVP Global Brand & Strategy: Emanuele Madeddu

VP Design: Brian Everett

Writer/Creative Director/Voice Over: Tyler Korba

Senior Project Manager: Kendrah Polk

Agency: Ignition

Creative Director: Wayne Watson

Producer: Matt Wizan

Editor: Josh Piha

Tags: hot spots national geographic

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