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NBC has launched a new brand campaign in support of its ad-supported streaming news network, NBC News Now, reminding cord-cutters that they can access NBC News’ reporting 24 hours a day for free.

The new look is clean with the tagline “News for the Generation of Now.” The palette is all cool blues, from a medium to a navy and a gradient that connects them. The font is sans serif and straightforward, as messages such as “news lives in the now,” scroll across the screen, typed as if being entered into a computer with a cursor.

The goal of the campaign is to raise the service’s profile with both traditional news viewers and younger cord-cutters, NBC News Executive Vice President Janelle Rodriguez told The Hollywood Reporter.

“We have the dual task of both raising awareness for people who are heavy news consumers, and they have been getting their news on linear television for decades, letting them know we’re there,” Rodriguez said. “But certainly for younger audiences, which dominates our audience on News Now. They know it exists, and they’re just not watching appointment television on the networks in the same way that previous generations did.”

One point of pride for NBC News Now is that it relies more on reporting from the field than the standard cable news channel with their stables of talking heads sitting around a table or Zooming in from their well-appointed kitchens.

“NBC News now is meant to be a 24/7 expression of NBC News, right? So when you turn it on, you should see at any given moment the very best of our reporting, and all of the correspondents that we have both around the country and around the world,” Rodriguez said.

“Unlike the direction of cable, we don’t go heavy on guests and talking heads. I think there’s a lot of fatigue in the audience out there with the talking head format, and so we’re really leaning into what is our strength, which is the fact that we do have correspondents around the country, and around the world at any given hour on any given day.”

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