“If you had an idea that was going to outrage society, would you keep it to yourself?”

That’s the starting point for Los Angeles-based Radley Studios’ main-title sequence for Unnatural Selection, a four-part documentary the studio produced for Netflix.

The sequence, edited by Matt Seidner, is packed with images meant to drive questions about the moral and ethical implications of altering genetic coding.


Design & Production Studio: Radley Studios

Series Directors: Leeor Kaufman, Joe Egender

Creative Director: Antonio Cicarelli

Lead Animator 2D/3D: Christian Brown

Designers: Antonio Cicarelli, John Priday

Animators: David Hwang, Anthony Serraino, Robin Harris

Main Titles Editor: Matt Seidner

Illustrator: Anita Chen

Radley Executive Producers: Brandon Pleus, Christian Thompson, Brandon Hill

Music Composers: Gene Back, T. Griffin

Sound Mix and SFX: Greg Ripes

Main Titles Director of Photography: Jacob Ritley

Production Coordinator: Evan Magee

Tags: hot spots main titles netflix radley studios unnatural selection

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