Earlier this month, Black Mirror transported viewers to a technology-driven world for its three-episode fifth season.

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Now, Netflix’s sci-fi anthology series is taking things a step further with the release of a new music video, starring Miley Cyrus as her Black Mirror alter ego, Ashley O.

The video, which premiered live on YouTube, features the Nine Inch Nails-inspired tune, “On A Roll.” Snippets of the tune and video are featured in Cyrus’ episode, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” which follows the fictional pop star who longs to make more meaningful music.

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Netflix also published a fake press release to promote the fictional character’s latest single “in which Ashley O empowers her fans to believe in themselves and to work hard to achieve their goals,” the fake release says.

The music video comes after the June 5 premiere of season five, comprising three episodes that also stars Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace and more.

Black Mirror season five is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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