Netflix unveiled three new trailers for season five of its sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror.

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Black Mirror imagines a future where advanced technology has a typically-negative impact on work, wellness, relationships and more. Between Alexa-like dolls, virtual reality and a tech-induced hostage situation, this season appears no different.

The trailers and episode titles come shortly after Netflix dropped the first look last week. The spots preview the storyline for each episode, which star Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, Andrew Scott and more.

Episode trailers, loglines and titles are below:


“A cab driver (Andrew Scott) with an agenda becomes the center of attention on a day that rapidly spirals out of control.”

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

“A lonely teenager yearns to connect with her favorite pop star (Miley Cyrus), whose charmed existence isn’t quite as rosy it appears.”

Striking Vipers

“Two estranged college friends (Anthony Mackie, Pom Klementieff) reunite in later life, triggering a series of events that could alter their lives forever.”

All three episodes arrive June 5 on Netflix.

[Loglines courtesy of Netflix]

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