From Rio to the stages around the world, Netflix debuted a teaser for new docuseries Vai Anitta, that goes behind the scenes with Brazil’s biggest pop star and social media personality.

The promo shows glimpses of the 25-year-old international superstar’s personal and professional life, giving “an exclusive look at the woman behind the icon.”

Anitta is currently the top female social media influencer in Brazil, with 29.4 million Instagram followers, 9.2 million YouTube subscribers, 12.6 million Facebook followers and 7.3 million Twitter followers.

Her hit singles include “Paradinha,” “Vai Malandra,” and “Downtown,” the first son by an Brazilian artist to be featured in Spotify’s Top 20.

Vai Anitta is produced by John Shahidi, Anitta’s manager and CEO and co-founder of Shots Studios.

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