Cristina Martinez is an undocumented chef from Mexico who relies on the same cooking techniques that have been in her family for generations.

“I’m still rooted in those customs, but it’s been many years since I’ve been home. Immigrants know this story all too well,” she says in Netflix’s trailer for season five the Chef’s Table.

“When you define in ethnic terms, it sets communities against each other,” says chef Musa Dağdeviren of Turkey.

“We don’t have to be enemies … that’s what food is all about,” adds Albert Adria from Spain.

“It’s not only cooking,” says Thailand’s Bo Songvisava. “The roots that we have are disappearing.”

Season five of the show, which transports viewers to kitchens around the world, goes beyond the surface of fine dining, focusing on four chefs who believe in the power of food, its ability to help people find the meaning of home.

Chef’s Table premieres September 28 on Netflix.

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