Netflix’s latest young-adult drama, Kiss Me First, follows a young woman who recently lost her mother and has been left adrift in London. Her only solace is her retreat into a vibrant and real virtual world. Her increasing involvement with other members of this world—both online and in real life—open up a social dimension that gives her life new verve and meaning.

However, danger and deception lurk in the virtual world as behind the veil of anonymity someone is manipulating the behaviors of the members with deadly consequences.

Key art for Netflix's new YA drama, "Kiss Me First"
Key art for Netflix’s new YA drama, “Kiss Me First”

Kiss Me First, which blends live action with virtual reality, is based on Lottie Moggach’s debut novel of the same name and is created by Skins co-creator Bryan Elsey and stars Tallulah Haddon (Taboo, Modern Life is Rubbish, The Living & The Dead) and Simona Brown (Man Up, The Night Manager). The series is produced by Kindle Entertainment and Balloon Entertainment.

The series drops on Netflix on Friday, June 29.

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