Hank Williams Jr. asks the rhetorical question in Evolve Studios’ new Monday Night Football open: “Are you ready for some football?”

Of course, the answer is yes. Viewers have been ready for some football for a solid century now, with the NFL celebrating 100 years in 2019. Monday Night Football, which has been airing on Disney-owned ESPN since 2006, has been on the air exactly half that amount of time. The tradition started on ABC on September 21, 1970, when the New York Jets played the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland.

To celebrate these milestone anniversaries, ESPN worked with Evolve and design and motion company ManvsMachine to redo, refresh and reimagine its entire Monday Night Football visual package which included new graphics, new hosts, new studio sets and a new take on the show opener.


Client: ESPN

Agency: Evolve Studios

Creative Director & ESPN Co-Director: Lucas Nickerson

ESPN Co-Director: Chris Mantizaris

Co-Director (Evolve Studio): Jeff Venable

Executive Producer: Joel Edwards

Producer: Paige Demarco

Director of Photography: John Matysiak

Production Designer: Joseph Sciacca

Editor: Jeremy Edney

Graphics & Animation: ManvsMachine

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