In advance of the NFL Draft to be held in Dallas on April 26, the National Football League, with help from Los Angeles-based Stun Creative, recreated the opening credits to the famed primetime soap named after the city.

But instead of Larry Hagman as evil oilman J.R. Ewing and Patrick Duffy as his nicer brother, Bobby, this sequence features the likes of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and lots of young hopefuls.

The spot will air on the NFL Network, Fox Sports and across social media.


Client: NFL Media

SVP Marketing: Julie Haddon

Executive Producer: Bill McCullough

Executive Producer: Jason Trautwein

Executive Producer: Anthony Isetta

Senior Producer: Paul Andraos

Producer: Joe Lovallo

Production Manager: Sarah Schmidt

Production Coordinator: Stephanie Ruiz

Agency: Stun Creative

Principal: Mark Feldstein

Principal: Brad Roth

Creative Director: Dave Mellott

Graphics Producer​: Matt LeBoeuf

Tags: dallas fox sports hot spots nfl nfl network

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