Nickelodeon is revealing its brand refresh during Saturday night’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards, the network said Friday.

The new look, by Buenos Aires, Argentina-based Superestudio, reflects the “play, surprise and imagination in kids’ lives and delivers on the net’s mission to help make the world a more playful place,” the network said.

“We really wanted to highlight how much surprise and fun is a part of kids’ everyday lives, so we took as our inspiration the surreal nature of GIFs, memes and emoticons and created an entire new visual vocabulary,” says Michael Waldron, senior vice president, creative director, art and design for Nickelodeon Group and Nick@Nite, in a statement. “Using a mix of real kids and on-air talent, the refresh looks through the lens of how kids see things—the unpredictable, extraordinary and joyful nature of a child’s imagination.

“Superestudio was the right company for this refresh because they use a great mix of different techniques, and they brought a fresh viewpoint that had just the right amount of quirk and whimsy.”

The refresh includes nearly 300 deliverables, including bumpers, idents, promo toolkits and graphic developments. It will first roll out across Nickelodeon’s linear platform in the U.S., to be followed by online, social media and off-channel. Nick’s international channels will then follow.

“Kids are constantly exploring the world and being amazed by new knowledge and discoveries,” said Ezequiel Rormoser, executive and general creative director of Superestudio, also in a statement. “The depth to which Nickelodeon knows it audience allowed us to reach the three creative goals we set for this project—be real, be unexpected and be playful—and to create an entirely new iconography that is clearly kid-first and kid-centric.”

Superestudio executed Nick’s new look by combining real kids with 2D and 3D graphics to reinterpret the network’s properties and characters as they evolved into real-world playgrounds that kids could bring to life, rearrange and redesign.

For example, SpongeBob SquarePants’ face becomes a tongue-twisted fun zone, while kids gets to rearrange and rebuild The Loud House’s Lincoln Loud (in cube image, above) into something altogether new.

In addition, Nickelodeon’s classic orange logo will now be set against an updated color palette of bright and cheerful tones, including purple, light blue, lime and cream. Embracing the bold, modern sans-serif type, Galano Grotesque Black, the refresh uses color to create, contrast and codify the on-air messaging.

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Network: Nickelodeon

EVP Creative & Marketing: Kim Rosenblum

SVP Creative Director Art & Design: Michael Waldron

SVP Creative Director Brand: Tony Maxwell

VP Animation Director Motion GFX: Kurt Hartman

VP Nick Brand Design: Sandy Goijberg

VP Creative Director Brand Editorial: Erica Ottenberg

VP Project Manager: Adam Weiner

Art Director: Shannon Macneilage

Sr. Director Production: Joseph Pappalardo

Producer: Tony Herman

Production Manager: Kate Brennan

Project Manager: Jon McNally

Graphics Manager: Marisa Bramwell

Animators: Carlos Miguez, Jeremy Sawyer, Jeff Wallenhorst, Megan Visconti, Kimberly Louis

Agency: Superestudio

Executive Creative Director: Ezequiel Rormoser

Executive Producer: Marcos Torres

Creative Director: Mariano Barbieri

Animation Director: Leandro Feuz

Senior Producer: Sofia Teodoro

Post Production Coordinator: Maximiliano Sanguine

Design: Florencia Piovesanel, Alejandra Lan, Malena Deluca, Nicolas Gloazzo, Valeria Moreiro, María Pía Vivo

Animation: Martin Ferdkin, Armando Carrasquel, Ezequiel Leiva, Juan Manuel Zárraga, Esteban Blazquez, Horacio Herrero, Pablo Drut, Pablo Agromayor, Norberto Pizzini, Nicolás Trullás

3D: Eugenio Pignataro, Santiago Gelabert, Leandro Feuz, Armando Carrasquel, Ezequiel Leiva, Alejandra Lan, Juan Manuel Zárraga, Esteban Blazquez, Pablo Agromayor

Chroma Keying: Malditomaus

Color Correction: Emmanuel Gramajo

Editing: Alexis Pellegrini, Mauricio Maturana

Production: Marina Dominioni

Production Company: NuContext/Los Angeles, CA

Director: Mikael Tyrsen

Executive Producer: Angela Guice

Producer: Jessie Marcus

DP: Sing Howe Yam

Production Designer: Tijana Gaudio


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