Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna) may have escaped the hands of the DEA in season one of Narcos: Mexico. But now, the drug kingpin must face the consequences—and discontent within his own organization—when Netflix’s cartel drama returns Feb 13.

The streamer illustrates this in the first teaser for season two, which shows the Guadalajara cartel smiling, laughing and eating dinner at a “Last Supper” type gathering. Blondie’s classic “Heart of Glass” plays eerily in the background. At first, everyone appears amicable; however, we soon see that underneath the table, everyone’s secretly pointing a gun at each other.

“Backstabbing’s hard work; it wears you out, eventually. No one stays on top forever. And no one is untouchable,” intones a voiceover.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 premieres Feb. 13 on Netflix.


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