Buenos Aires-based creative agency Nocaut provided Universal Channel Latin America’s viewers with some extra tools when it comes to watching the network’s Fast and Furious weekend, featuring four of the franchise’s films back to back.

Besides this hyper-cut promoting the marathon, Nocault included some heads-up displays to help viewers catch details they may have otherwise missed in the action-packed films, starring Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and more.


Client: NBCUniversal

Senior VP Programming and On Air: Marcello Coltro

Creative Director: Verónica Pizzorno

Production Manager: Wada Licht

Production Coordinator: Emiliano Lapenta

Agency: Nocaut

Executive Producer: Gastón Soso

Art Direction & Script: Rodrigo Jávega

Animation & Compositing: Franco Absi

Logging & Editing: Sebastián Carazay

Design: Martina Echen

Audio Mastering: Eugenio Chauque

Tags: hot spots nocaut the fast and the furious universal channel latin america

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