Bicoastal entertainment marketing agency Northern Lights collaborated with Fox to help launch the broadcast network’s new scripted series The Cleaning Lady, starring Élodie Yung in the title role.

The Cleaning Lady tells the story of a Cambodian doctor who brings her sick son to the U.S. for medical treatment. Once she arrives, she has to become a cleaning lady to support him but after witnessing a murder, she is forced to become a “cleaner” for the mob to stay alive.

“When Fox came to us to join the project, they wanted our help creating more conceptual, out-of-the-box approaches to add to the campaign they were already working on,” said Northern Lights Executive Creative Director Joe Nichols in a statement. “This is the kind of call we love where from the onset the client is looking to do something different. This is right up our alley and we dove right in.”

The first of the two concept-driven :30s utilizes graphic wipes across the screen that move as though the cleaning lady is wiping away the footage with her cleaning.

“Wipe Everything Clean”

The second spot utilizes the many labels that she is called throughout the series – “she’s just the help,” “she’s a doctor,” “you’re an illegal” – to illustrate that she is so much more than the title suggests. The approach proves to be another unique way into the story.

“Who Are You?”

The Cleaning Lady premieres January 3 on Fox.

[Images of The Cleaning Lady courtesy of Fox.]

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