Fox put out the word that it’s time to come together for “the most epic competition of all time,” in the above spot for The Masked Singer by Los Angeles-based production company NuContext. The spot first run in Sunday’s NFL NFC Championship game on Fox.

According to the spot, season seven promises to be a battle between “the good, the bad and the cuddly.”

The Masked Singer returns March 9 on Fox.


Client: Fox

Executive Vice President, Creative Advertising: Scott Edwards

SVP, AV Promotions: Brian Gawronski

SVP, Operations Creative Advertising: Christy Cofer

SVP, Visual Innovation Studio and Design: Ian McRitchie

VP, AV Promotions Reality and Design: Brandi Wismann

VP, Broadcast Design: Jesse Hallas

VP, Creative Advertising, Media Operations: Chris Johnson

Executive Director, AV Promotions: Sandy Collins

Director of Operations, Broadcast Design: Jeff Hazan

Director Design: Dan Pierse

Sr. Writer Producer, AV Promotions: Craig Stinson

Manager Production and Operations: Kimberly Cohrs

Associate Producer Operations: Farren Jackson

Production Company: NuContext

Executive Producer: Angela Guice

Director: Trudy Bellinger

DP: Maz Makhani

AD: Brandeaux Tourville

Director 2nd Unit: Mikael Tyrsen

Producer: Jessie Marcus

Production Supervisor: Chad Engel

VFX: Baked

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