In this cheeky campaign, Viacom CEEI’s Paramount Channel pulls back the curtain to reveal exactly what happens on a movie set. Suffice to say, the glitz and glamour of the movies is mostly in the eye of the beholder.

This campaign—featuring takes on action (above), Western and romance flicks—aired in Hungary, Poland and Romania. Production took place in Budapest with an assist from locally-based Melvin Productions.



The team also kept the vibe going for the campaign’s key art and social assets.

Paramount Channel key art for 'Movies. Magic' campaign
Paramount Channel key art for ‘Movies. Magic’ campaign


Client / Creative Agency / Post Production: Viacom CEEI

Production House: Melvin Productions

Creative Director: Daniel Kabai

Senior Creative Producer: András Martsa

Director: Viktor Horváth

Photo: László Mészáros

Producer: Péter Ráday

D.O.P.: Gábor Garai

Art Directors: Roland Budai, Attila Czurkó, Kristóf Kerényi

Production Design: Zsófi Tasnádi

Production Manager: Máté Varga

Sound Design: Tomek Siadak

Material Coordinator: Fanni Rieb

Creative Coordinator: Maria Otog

Production Manager: Zsófia Susztrik

Marketing Manager: Laura Eremia, Kira Pálfai

Senior Marketing Manager: Dóra Nikolits

Tags: hot spots melvin productions paramount channel viacom ceei

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