Tim Curry, famous for playing Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Dr. Frankenfurter, guides viewers through Paramount Network’s sometimes scary, sometimes thrilling October programming line-up, which includes such movies as Stephen King’s It, Halloween II, Jurassic Park, Star Trek: Beyond, Raiders of the Lost Ark and many more.

Each movie in the spot gets its own blood-spattered animated treatment, lending each film that much more of a sinister feel.


Client: Paramount Network

Design & Animation:

Art Director & Illustrator: Cryssy Cheung

Design Ambassador: Trinity Choice

Senior Design Director: Michael Sutton-Long

Lead Animator: Chase Gordon

Design Project Manager: Alexandra Jacoby

Design Production Coordinator: Sydney Swartz

Senior Director Project Management: Ian Kahn

Animation Team: Seokin Jang, Candice Aquino, Victoria Fernandez, Juliana Eiger Garcia

SVP Design: Thomas Berger


Senior Writer & Producer: Emmanuelle Leboeuf

Producer: Kim Conroy

Sr Project Manager: Michelle Orsi

Editors: Brett Glass, Niajja Sheard, Kendall Valan

VP Creative Director: Mike Davidowitz

Supervising Producer: Jennifer McComb

SVP Brand Creative: Vedia Ayvaz

SVP Creative: Justin Russell

Audio: John Wilkinson

Tags: hot spots paramount network

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